What is Therapy Like with Deidre?

I enjoy working with both children and adults, take delight in working with couples and appreciate the dynamics of family and group work. I am genuinely interested in each of my clients and feel honored to hear their life stories and experiences​.  It is my hope that every client feels safe and comfortable in sharing with me.  I strive to create a relationship in which true healing can take place. I believe each person has unique life experiences and needs and so I attempt to shape each session around the client. My education had a solid foundation in CBT techniques and I have received training using a Psychodynamic approach. I have described some of the work I do with clients as pulling files out from their brains, reorganizing (and maybe shredding!) some of the material and refiling. At times I like to incorporate art techniques and sand tray to help clients gain insight. Whatever the modality, I strive to create a safe space to explore your inner most feelings and help you grow toward your goals.